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Edu4Space is an organization for showing youth how they can get involved in space today through webinars with industry professionals, art competitions, engaging events, and more. Students are encouraged to follow their Instagram page for updates, as well as join their Discord server to meet 150+ students passionate about space and learn about space-related opportunities.

Higher Education

Astronomy Club at AUS: Wisława Szymborska said, “The sky is everywhere, even in the dark beneath your skin.” The astronomy club is one of the interest-oriented clubs at the American University of Sharjah (AUS). We conduct events to explore the universe through panels, observation nights, trips to the planetarium, and other fun games. Our aim is to introduce astronomy to AUS students in an interesting way as there are some misconceptions and unknown facts about space. We encourage people who don’t want to limit themselves to just Earth to come join us in our journey through the cosmos. We strive to become an impactful club and give like-minded space lovers in the UAE community a place to come together. We want to give our members a space to discuss and explore the universe while taking some time to unwind from the stress of university.

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